Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank you notes...

OK so i am a bit peeved... this past weekend I went with my Husband and daughter to visit his parents. One of their friends bought my daughter a sweet gift, a little stuffed Easter Bunny. My M-in-law couldn't wait for my daughter to open it. As my daughter is pulling the tissue paper out of the bag, an envelope hits the floor. I pick it up. It is addressed to the person who gave the bunny to my daughter and has a stamp on it.
The handwriting on the envelope... my M-in-law's. It was a Thank you note for me to send to these kind people. She plays it off.. "Look! It's a great hand made card... i just know you could make something like this, etc, etc...
Please don't forget to send it to them..."

I'm thinking, WTF? Should I be angry that she's presumptuous to think that I will be a bad Southerner and not send them a card on my own? Am I so rude that I wouldn't even think to send them a card? Come on!

My momma raised me to be a good and proper Southern girl. I have been sending "Thank You" notes to people since I could write a complete sentence. I don't know if maybe one fell thru the cracks when we got married or had our daughter or what... but geesh. Stuff happens.

After the 3rd or 4th time she 'mentioned' to me "please do not forget to send the card", I finally said "Thanks, I won't. You know, you didn't have to do this, I could have taken care of the card myself if you would have just given me the address." I was nice about it, of COURSE! But seriously.
OK - enough of my venting. Just had to get that out! Now I feel better.

SPEAKING of Thank You cards.....

Have you ever looked at the handmade cards on Etsy? They are so amazing. I bought one today from CardsandNotes. They have some great stuff. But I bought a BIRTHDAY Card! And I will send it to my neice because I am a caring person and know how to address an envelope and send a card to someone. (Sorry - sarcasm!). CardsandNotes has more than just birthday cards...THANK YOU notes too!

That's my rant for today. I am getting use to this blog thing.


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