Thursday, January 6, 2011

A few links...

I almost forgot... here are a few links of interest:

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Hello 2011...

I just realized that I have not written on my blog since 2009. WOW.
Where has the time gone??

2010 was a very busy year in the craftshow world. I did a minimum of one every month from April to December. Some were successful, some were NOT. I cannot quit my 'day job' yet, but it's fun. I think my most favorite show is the First Friday Indie Market. Lots of familiar faces in a great location, close to home. I am looking forward to Craft Show "Season" starting up again in April.

I created a second website on Etsy for my button jewelry: SweetAnnaCreations. I decided to move all my button earrings and hair accessories to a separate site. It has done well. In one year i managed to make 79 sales. Of course, TBSCreations has suffered and not made as many sales.

Handmade Triad was also a big focus in 2010. We officially changed our name and created a website in early 2010. The first year in any group can be difficult. Since i was the one who created the team on Etsy back in 2009, I was chosen to be the "President" of Handmade Triad. I was honored to accept this position. Hopefully in 2011, i will become more comfortable with it and we will decide as a group what our responsibilities are. We have a lot of new members as the year has begun and I am very excited about them. Fresh faces, fresh ideas!

My focus in the next month is to get organized. It always is! My home is so UNorganized. It's a tough job when every time you get things cleaned up, it magically comes apart in no time! (IE - 5 yr old daughter, husband, giant dog, 3 cats, 2 jobs... you know.)

We'll see how this endeavor works out.
Here's to a productive and successful 2011!

Friday, July 10, 2009


The picture of my Front Page is now listed on the Flickr Group.. They are sooo awesome for doing this.

This is the LINK And here is the screen shot:


WOW. Apparently I made the front page of Esty! And.......... i missed it.
Someone who was featured in this particular treasury, LatigoMoon, sent me a message to tell me about it. Unfortunately, it was around 3:00am Eastern Time.

Hopefully there will be a screenshot on the Flickr group with it and I can post it on my blog.
How exciting...and yet disappointing that I missed it...

Meanwhile, I have another treasury right now that is active... check it out:
Please go check it out, click on items and leave a comment. I have featured a few of my favorite Etsians on there.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Check out my latest Treasury!

Here is the link to my latest treasury... Please click on the items and leave a comment.

I'll add a screen shot when i get a chance...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wholesale order!

I recently made a large order of fabric covered buttons for a fellow Etsian, EliteBabyDecor. I could not wait to see what she was going to do with allll those buttons. Pacifier clips!
Check them out on her shop. These would be GREAT for a baby shower gift, birthday, whatever. I wish i would have had one when my little one still had her paci. I am sure it would have prevented a lot of germy and dirty pacies.

Here are a few pictures:

Very cute!! Great job. I Cannot wait to see more...

Friday, July 3, 2009