Monday, March 30, 2009


Finally, after a month of staring at it, I finally finished putting together the Craft table i bought. When i first got it, my dad and husband thought they'd put it together for me one Sunday afternoon. After 3 hours, only a tiny bit was assembled... and that was in vain. So it was left... never to be touched by them again.

My Mom and I decided to give it a try yesterday. After only a few hours, we had 90% of it finished. What is it with the men in our lives? They made it seem all difficult. Really, it wasn't that bad. I finished it by myself today. Wa-la!

Now my only problem is finding a place to put it. I admit, I try to be organized, but most of my organization efforts end up being a colossal mess. I have started moving furniture around and now I'm stuck. Once gain, I am waiting on my mom to rescue me. Maybe once i find a place for my table, i can get my creative juices flowing again.

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  1. Men don't like to read directions! That's the problem! :) Congrats on your new table!