Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello 2011...

I just realized that I have not written on my blog since 2009. WOW.
Where has the time gone??

2010 was a very busy year in the craftshow world. I did a minimum of one every month from April to December. Some were successful, some were NOT. I cannot quit my 'day job' yet, but it's fun. I think my most favorite show is the First Friday Indie Market. Lots of familiar faces in a great location, close to home. I am looking forward to Craft Show "Season" starting up again in April.

I created a second website on Etsy for my button jewelry: SweetAnnaCreations. I decided to move all my button earrings and hair accessories to a separate site. It has done well. In one year i managed to make 79 sales. Of course, TBSCreations has suffered and not made as many sales.

Handmade Triad was also a big focus in 2010. We officially changed our name and created a website in early 2010. The first year in any group can be difficult. Since i was the one who created the team on Etsy back in 2009, I was chosen to be the "President" of Handmade Triad. I was honored to accept this position. Hopefully in 2011, i will become more comfortable with it and we will decide as a group what our responsibilities are. We have a lot of new members as the year has begun and I am very excited about them. Fresh faces, fresh ideas!

My focus in the next month is to get organized. It always is! My home is so UNorganized. It's a tough job when every time you get things cleaned up, it magically comes apart in no time! (IE - 5 yr old daughter, husband, giant dog, 3 cats, 2 jobs... you know.)

We'll see how this endeavor works out.
Here's to a productive and successful 2011!

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